20 April 2007

Wireless Stupidity


People still just don't get it. Most of the wireless networks pictured are protected by WPA Pre-Shared Key authentication, and the rest WEP. (WEP sucks, but its better than nothing. Or is it...) Obviously, one wasn't protected at all.

(Possibly) worse, a wireless network I am in no way responsible for, but am closely tied to, was serving up tasty, free Internet access to patrons. When asked if the network was encrypted, I said no, and briefly mentioned that we want it to be quick and easy for patrons to hop on. No fuss, no muss.

The response was an awkward, almost accusatory look. Apparently there is some problem with unencrypted networks. They are unsafe and give you STDs like the crazy, promiscuous girl even the desperate guys won't go near. The reality is, even an encrypted network isn't necessarily “safe”. If you want safe and private computerized communication, you want VPNs and SSL/TLS. After all, that's what they were invented for. The right tool for the right job makes all the difference.

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